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CSS Reparo Maxima

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After the purchase you will get a guide with all the information you need to start.

Any question ? Please contact me on Gumroad or directly on

Not satisfied after 3 days ? You will be refunded no question asked.

✨ Reparo Maxima

Unlimited requests

  • 🔮 Bug fix, 🎩 Feature development and 👨🏻‍💻 Video-call assistance
  • I help you fix all your bugs via chat, discord or by email
  • I can also develop simple features for you
  • One request at a time, 24 hours max delivery for the features
  • Priority response delay for bug fixes
  • I can help you through video-call, in order to answer your questions, explain you code concepts or live coding with you.

Unlimited chat questions

You can ask me as many questions as you want through the chat


You will also get 19 HTML-CSS handmade flash cards that can be useful if you are a beginner.

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CSS Reparo Maxima

0 ratings
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